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We have endeavored to create the most extensive collection of the rings worn by the Duelists of the Ohtori Academy. Dark Kingdom Productions has gone to some great lengths to acquire some of the pieces contained within. New additions are always welcome, of course. The Gallery accepts donations of Signet Rings, and will also purchase Signet Rings. It is, however, the Gallery's policy not to display Signet Rings it does not currently possess. Artists wishing to have their work displayed here, but who cannot or will not provide a physical item for sale or donation will have their requests denied. Please contact the Gallery Administrator if you wish to have a Signet Ring you've created included in the Gallery.

UPDATES: At this time, the majority of site is built but the individual galleries are not. Feel free to peruse the gallery menus and summary images, and check back regularly for updates. There are four complete galleries as of 06/15/2008: Pink Series Signet, Movie Signet, and Manga Signet from the Utena Signet Ring Fanbase, and Series Signet from the Morpheus Company. The Administrator hopes to have new galleries up and running weekly.

NOTE: The Gallery does not critique or compare quality of Rose Signets. Anyone wishing to obtain a Rose Signet should decide whether or not to purchase one for day to day wear, costume play only, or as a display piece, and do their research accordingly. The Gallery rates the expense required to acquire the pieces it has on a scale of 1 to 5 roses. This scale is only representative of the monetary investment and nothing more. The Gallery will not quote prices; please contact the artist or visit their websites for full pricing details.

LEGAL: All photographs contained within are copyright 2008 Dark Kingdom Productions, except where indicated. Use of them without permission is prohibited. Shoujo Kakumei Utena, Adolescence Mokushiroku, all characters, images, and locations associated with them, are copyrighted 1997-2008 Be-PaPas, Kunihiko Ikuhara, Chiho Saito / Flower Comics / Shogakukan, Shokaku Iinkai & TV Tokyo. No copyright infringement intended. The Gallery is a not for profit endeavor; no profits were made in the construction of the gallery or the acquisition of the pieces within. Quite the contrary, the Gallery Administrator hears the sobbing of her bank account every time a new piece is obtained.

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